Cooking classes and food tours

Check out my cooking school  – Come Cook In France – food tours and cooking classes from my home in SW France. Please check it out and spread the word.



Cook Club – a half day morning class aimed mainly at people living locally full time who love to cook, want to increase their repertoire of dishes or cook something other than French food and learn new skills at the same time.

Cook & dine – an afternoon course where we will cook a fabulous 3 course dinner usually locally sourced ingredients and cook them with a modern twist. We will then dine together enjoying the fruits of our labour. Non-cooking partners and friends are welcome to join us for dinner.

Family days – these take on various forms but basically I offer parents the chance to relax whilst I cook with the kids who will make afternoon tea for mum and dad! with an afternoon class. You can also spend the whole day here, adults spend the morning cooking lunch whilst the kids enjoy the facilities (an adult will always be present to be with them) and then the kids cook in the afternoon and parents relax. And I get to do all the clearing up!!


Food photography & styling courses – 5 day immersion courses in how to cook, style and photograph food so that you will be able to produce your own beautiful food images, to a publication-ready standard. These are held off-site in various local accommodation premises. The next course is June 6-12th, 2018 and will take place in the very beautiful workshop accommodation Les Soeurs Anglaises in the Dordogne. For all details please click on their link.