A change of blog details

Hello to all the followers of my blog A Food Stylist’s Blog. Firstly I would like to thank you all for following me and my posts over the last 3years.

As my life and business has evolved in France I am now finding that most of time is take up with running my Cookery School and all the spin offs from it – Come Cook In France – therefore I am now blogging directly from the website www.comecookinfrance.com

If you wish to continue following my posts and my life in France (and I really hope that you all will) please click on the link, go to the blog page and you can then subscribe there.

Again, thank you everyone.



2 thoughts on “A change of blog details

  1. Liz Haughton

    Love the website! How on earth do you stay so thin?? I’ve signed up and will watch your doings from afar. One day I really hope we can get to visit you. I was inSalisbury yesterday – bit of memory lane! Such a pretty place – i never really noticed that as a scruff bag, busy boozing student. R and I are planning on spending a weekend there some time to look at it from more adult angle. I hope you and Ian are well – your life looks positively idyllic, though it helps to have a superb photographer for that I am sure. Let me know when you’re next over here – I’d love to see you. L.xx


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