Sometimes I think I must be one of the luckiest people on the planet. I not only get to cook for love, but as a job for which I get paid. It is of course not all plain sailing, recipes don’t always work and need to be tested and re tested until they do (sometimes they never do and get binned along with the food). Ideas come and go and I have been known to sit and stare at the computer screen until I go crossed eye and to no avail. Sometimes I have to get creative and inspired about ingredients I dislike – believe me coming up with delicious recipes for something that you really can’t stomach is incredibly difficult and on those occasions I make sure I have someone to hand to taste test with me.

Inspiration comes from all around me – from eating out, travelling, markets, my garden, my friends and other cooks and chefs. I try to come up with new recipes or adapt old ones. Can I always be sure a recipe is original, no, but I like to try and create something new or with a twist – it is this challenge I love, and perhaps why I never really stop experimenting.

On this blog I wanted to capture some of the enjoyment I get and pass this on. Some of the posts will be new material whilst I will also share some of my favourite dishes from the past. No doubt I’ll brag about one or two recipes from time to time and alert everyone to a newly published book or feature, after all isn’t that what social media is so good at – all about information and sharing it.

You will find recent recipe posts on the side bar, or you can use the search icon or click on the recipe menu at the top of the page and hopefully you will find something you’ll want to cook, eat and perhaps share with others.

From Slow Cooker 3, Women’s Weekly Cook Books




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